We Offer

Oculus is well versed in the 'Book of Strategies' and follows an orderly process from conception to building, scrutinizing each aspect of the project.
We follow the 4d principles, to manage the delivery of projects that cater exactly to your needs.


We use design research and strategic evaluation to steer each of our projects in the right direction. In each case the aims and opportunities are discovered and identified as design insights.


We formulate Insights found in 'Discover', as initial concepts on paper. 'Defining' is a collaborative effort to understand how the project befits the wider landscape of human needs , as well as technical and commercial opportunities along with it.


We analyze and comprehend 'Discover'& 'Define' translating them to refined designs as we work to distil visions for the built form from the wide range of initial concepts. We review and refine each facet of the work. The design evolves in response to user testing, feedback, and strategic analysis - an iterative process of design.


We guarantee the accurate translation of idea to reality and deliver the specified and documented project details to the client for implementation. We observe and administer, the construction process facilitating partnerships, and providing support as necessary.


We carve intrinsic interiors for commercial spaces, by creating custom & unique environments. Understanding, imagining and bringing to life, the macrocosm desired by our clientele is what our team strives for. We offer global turnkey projects from conceptual interior designs to the execution at site, including technical developments and production and also maintain a close working collaboration with the different stakeholders, involved in the building sites.


Workplace design goes beyond mere spaces that are nice to look at. The essence of a workspace lies in rightly aligning people, culture, processes, and technology with organizational goals. We believe in delivering designs that create a lasting impact on our clientele, teams, businesses, and brands, for generations to come.


We design sustainable and balanced landscapes, that appeal visually and is also psychologically tangible. Landscape designs are well thought to suit the site terrain and environmentally progressive design solutions are arrived at. We strongly believe in the positivity that emerges with the green trend.


Well-trained in design exercises and procedures, our team has worked with a wide array of businesses, expanding on a body of research and knowledge that provides our clients with exclusive, cutting-edge insights. The result is customized spaces that nurture people, places, and processes, in support of strategic business objectives.